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Con Kahve was founded in 1920 by Remzi Efendi at the Kyrenia Gate, then it was passed down to Hüseyin Remzi Efendi, afterwards to Ahmet Nabi Efendi and lastly to Mehmet Hüseyin Efendi.



Our company continued its operations as a family business until 1980 and it made the first step towards institutionalisation after it was registered as Con Trading Limited Company by Haluk Ruhi in 1980.



Today, Con Trading has reached the capacity to process three and a half tonnes of carob molasse, one and a half tonnes of tahini and derivatives, one and a half tonnes of coffee, five tonnes of dried nuts and packaging five tonnes of tea daily.

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People who prefer decaffeinated coffee because of high blood pressure problems no longer have to buy from the South Cyprus. You can find Lefkoşa Con’s decaffeinated Turkish coffee in the North and it’s priced in Turkish Liras.

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People who try Lefkoşa Con’s delicious dried nuts are surprised that such fresh and high quality dried nuts are produced in Cyprus. It is actually nothing to be surprised about, because we have been working for the best since 1920.

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